• 1. Remove sapling pot from urn

    Once you have your Tree For Life biodegradable urn, simply remove the separate sapling pot from the top of the product which contains sapling.

  • 2. Fill cotton string bag with ashes

    The cotton bag inside the urn can be removed and filled with cremated ashes. You can either fill the bag completely or with a smaller amount of ash.

  • 3. Place in bio urn and replace pot top

    Place the cotton bag of ashes back into the biodegradable urn compartment, and replace the pot top to secure the ashes in place.

  • 4. Place your urn in your desired spot

    Dig a large enough hole in the ground for the size of the Tree For Life bio urn and use the soil PH meter included in your kit to test the soil.

    After checking the soil PH, place the biodegradable urn into the ground.

  • 5. Fill the pot with special formulated soil

    Add the specially formulated soil to the seedling pot.

    The soil has been designed to provide the right nutrients to your chosen Tree For Life sapling.

  • 6. Plant sapling in the pot

    Take your sapling and plant in the soil pot, ensuring that the sapling is covered by the soil completely.

    Cover the urn with leftover soil and water regularly to help your Tree For Life blossom.